Heya, I am Jan Loos, from the Netherlands, and I love tabletop roleplaying games!

When I was about 10 years old, my older cousin asked me to play a game with him. When he pulled out the box from his bag and I saw the cover, that was the moment that my interest in Tabletop RPG’s began. The game was called Heroquest, a simplified roleplaying game that was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Jan Loos

Since then I started drawing warriors, wizards, monsters, and dragons. I have drawn many world maps. I played many games, read many books.

Years passed by, until I saw a kickstarter project called Roll20.net. Up until then I used to play tabletop games with my friends offline. But when I saw the kickstarter project, I realised that with this tool, playing online could be almost as fun as playing in real life.


After I hosted my first couple of games on Roll20.net, the players were really excited about the artwork I made for the games. They suggested that I create my own roleplaying assets and sell them on the marketplace. I felt it was a really big compliment, but I didn’t think my artwork was good enough yet.

That is why I started to practice more. I followed tutorials from other Roll20.net marketplace creators that were a huge inspiration to me. Especially Devin Night, who makes great tokens.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, you can contact me through social media or by using the form on the contact page.